About Us
Mission Inn Members Association, Inc.
Mission Statement
The purpose of the Mission Inn Members Association, Inc. is to continually improve member satisfaction with the Mission Inn Resort and Club through effective communication and active cooperation between Members, Owners and Operating Management.
Operating Principles
Eligibility for membership in the Mission Inn Members Association, Inc. (MIMA) shall be automatic for all members in good standing of the Mission Inn Resort and Club.
MIMA may collect annual dues to cover general operating costs of the organization. Dues will be voluntary and failure to pay dues will not exclude anyone otherwise qualified from membership in MIMA. Members whose dues are current shall be eligible to hold office and to vote on items the Board of Directors brings before the membership.
MIMA shall have an elected Board of Directors who shall appoint officers from its ranks. Until the first election of a Board of Directors the Organizing Committee shall act as the Board.
MIMA shall communicate on a regular basis with its members and shall hold at least one general meeting open to all members once a year. A Treasurer’s report shall be part of the general meeting.
MIMA can be dissolved by a majority vote of current Board of Directors. Upon dissolution, any funds in MIMA’s general account shall be donated to a charity of the Board’s choice.
Any change to these Operating Principles requires a majority of votes cast by eligible members.